Delia Constantino

Software Engineer

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Software Engineer
  • Modernized Teleport's marketing site by migrating a legacy Hugo application to modern versions of Next.js/React with TypeScript. Development velocity was increased, build times were reduced, and Core Web Vitals were improved.
  • Built a new feature that allowed customers to try the company's product in sandbox environments. Sandboxes were fetched from Instruqt's API (a 3rd party).
  • Led development of a community hub feature, which displaying engaged users from around the world. Comments/accolades were fetched from Slab, GitHub, and Twitter's REST APIs with GraphQL and Axios.
  • Led development on an auxiliary marketing site which posted daily Onion-style programmer jokes. Implemented mocks provided by the Design team. Integrated RSS publishing, alerting subscribers to new content.
  • Integrated Contentful CMS into the Next.js static site build through their API and webhooks, enabling content creators to work independently of developers.
  • Migrated the front-end website to the Material UI CSS framework, establishing a consistent theme and providing training on best practices to cross-functional teams.
  • Developed and maintained a portfolio of high-quality React functional components using best practices in ES6.
  • Improved accessibility through corrections to focus management, keyboard navigation, and screen reader compatibility across 300+ pages.

Oct 2021 - Nov 2022

Software Engineering Student
Flatiron School
  • Created mobile-first full-stack web applications that successfully integrated a React client with a Ruby on Rails API server, enabling seamless communication between the two systems.
  • Used React functional components and React Hooks with React Router to implement navigation in Single Page Applications (SPA).
  • Implemented JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for user authentication and authorization to secure the application.
  • Applied Tailwind CSS to achieve responsive design and consistent styling across the front-end.
  • Automated monthly updates through the use of Rake tasks and crontab.
  • Demonstrated expertise in managing data with ActiveRecord and PostgreSQL databases, adhering to best practices.

Oct 2020 - Aug 2021

Teaching Artist and Dancer
  • Performed in a wide variety of dance and movement pieces on a professional level.
  • Worked collaboratively to research, develop, and improve performance pieces and lesson plans.
  • Communicated effectively to foster a welcoming learning environment for students of many ages.

Aug 2014 - Sept 2020

Bachelor of Arts
Tulane University


Tailwind CSS
Ruby on Rails
React Testing Library
Material UI
Styled System


Motivation Journal

Motivation Journal is a journaling app that allows users to create, read, write, and delete journal entries. It leverages a Next.js client with a Ruby on Rails API server and fetches inspirational quotes from a third party API.

Demo Source Code
Next.js TypeScript PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails Material UI Vercel Ruby

Directory Viewer

Directory Viewer allows a user to browse, sort, and filter directory content, with a UX that is loosely based on Google Drive. It implements a React client with routing handled by React Router.

Source Code
React React Router Jest React Testing Library Tailwind CSS


PlantDwellers app allows roommates to track their houseplants in a central repository and care for their plants communally via a shared calendar. It pairs a React client with a Ruby on Rails API server and leverages Redux for application state management.

Source Code
React React-Router Redux Ruby on Rails SQL Tailwind CSS